Found Deceased CO - Suzanne Morphew, 49, did not return from bike ride, Chaffee County, 10 May 2020 #44

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Apr 22, 2010
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A Chaffee County woman is missing after a neighbor said she went out for a bike ride Sunday and never returned
Chaffee County woman missing since Sunday after neighbor said she went out for bike ride

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Just a reminder from @sillybilly's post on page one:

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Agreed. Per the DW, BM wasn't active at all on FB. He had an account, but did very little with it. He may not have realized how dumb this was. JMO.
That sounds about right. Had he used Facebook frequently, I would have expected him to delete his account much faster than he ultimately did.

People didn’t exactly have nice things to say on the posts they were able to comment on.
We don’t know. He sure does like to take it everywhere with him though, as we saw him towing it during the search.

I’d be shocked if he didn’t have it with him, as the fact that he mentioned it to Lauren is telling. CBI thinks it’s important.

Maybe there's a Bobcat Camper attachment.
I think the fbi/cbi could use the publics' help in much the way the "space archaeologist' in the following ted talk does to look for looters of tombs, to look for burial sites, ground disturbances, BMs bobcat, BMs truck, or physical changes that we flag for further investigation.

Help discover ancient ruins -- before it's too late

They could pull the archived images from quite a large circumference around the area. Like even a couple hundred mile radius and have the public compare the same areas images over the time period from May 8th - 11th.

I certainly would participate. The space archaelologist had lots of participants.... just an idea.

Didn't people all over the world do that when flight MH370 went down in 2014? I remember seeing people submitting satellite screenshots of areas of the south Indian Ocean highlighting what looked like a plane's remains.
This is what I thought, too, initially. But it is both. BMs FB friends had SM show up in PYMK and friend suggestions AND AMs FB friends received friend request from SM late Sat night. The former happened to my DW and friends, the latter was stated by AM (and my DW knows two of these people).
I'm from a small town and can't help but think how surreal SM missing and the circumstances must be to your DW and your community. I'm really sorry. I'd like nothing more than to learn of new evidence pointing away from BM.
I know it would be labor-intensive, but might pay off.

I was just studying one of the 473 mines in Saguache county, called Allara Tunnel mine. It's located about ten miles southeast of the tiny village of Cathedral, in Hinsdale county, but Allara Tunnel is in Saguache county. To get to it from Cathedral, a search party would have to drive south 2 miles to a point on CR 8 EE where a rocky two track trail begins, and follow that trail 8 miles. The thin green line from top to bottom of the first aerial shot is the county line between Hinsdale, on the left; and Saguache, on the right.They could drive in an older Jeep or Ford Ranger compact 4 wheel drive pickup, but it would be much easier to just hike. I certainly would not attempt it in darkness. The hike is about a 975 foot vertical elevation rise, between 9,225 ft and 10,200. There's some old mine buildings there, but they have apparently been locked up since 1971, so there's probably no shelter and at 10,200 feet, it gets pretty darn cold at night, even in July.
I rotated Google Earth around and zoomed down low so the actual mine could be seen. It looks like it was an exploratory adit/shaft. The adit, which is the horizontal part, is probably only about 4 feet high but it looks like it at least three feet wide, possibly four. There's no way to guess how many shafts went upward off of it, but probably not too many. You can see all of the tailings in the aerial shot, and it's not a great amount. Having not been worked since 1970, it probably has some surprise water issues and maybe a few cave-ins. I would let someone else actually go in the mine. I was in the mining business, and places like that give me the squirrelly heebie jeebies.
I was looking at it because it fits the meager description provided in the news reports of the remains found. That mountain marked just west of the mine is named Mineral Mountain. If you started hiking from the south and took several days, a person could bag three fourteeners on conventional trails, and then use a map, GPS and a compass to hike some pretty high pass country and come down to this mine. I can't believe there is any cell phone service anywhere close to this place.
All in all, it wouldn't be easy, and a searcher would have to do a lot of land research to make sure there was written permission to be there, but a search of this place would be doable, I think.
Both images produced entirely in Google Earth Pro with no external editing. The coordinates of the mine were copied and pasted from:
Saguache County, Colorado Mines


  • Allara Tunnel Mine, Saguache County, Colorado.jpg
    Allara Tunnel Mine, Saguache County, Colorado.jpg
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  • Allara Tunnel Mine, Saguache County, Colorado close view.jpg
    Allara Tunnel Mine, Saguache County, Colorado close view.jpg
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I'm from a small town and can't help but think how surreal SM missing and the circumstances must be to your DW and your community. I'm really sorry. I'd like nothing more than to learn of new evidence pointing away from BM.
Thank you. Surreal is a good descriptor. Nobody in that community wants BM to be guilty. I didnt grow up in a small town, so the closest thing I can relate it to is if you had a cousin in this situation. A cousin who you grew up with, saw frequently while in school, and kept in touch as adults. It really is that personal and sad for so many from that town....MOO
Additional Danger in Searching Mines?
I think it's a great idea. Here's a handy list of the 473 in Saguache county, in alphabetical order, for starters: Saguache County, Colorado Mines
@Dave F. bbm Okey-dokey, I'm on it. I've checked your linked directory for mine names starting w A, now reviewing the first mine starting w B.
:eek:"The Barium Lode is a uranium and thorium mine located in Saguache county,... elevation of 9,039 feet...
RADIOACTIVITY 0.05 MR/HR, RANGE ..." bbm from OP's link.:eek:

;) On second thought my lead-lined Personal Protective Equipment suit is at the cleaners, and I just realized my dosimeter is in the shop for calibration. Never mind. ;)

ETA: Catching up on thread, I see @Dave F. and others w extraordinary skills are on focusing mine-searching strategy. So many talented ppl here. So many. Many. A toast to our Google Earth wizards.

^ Source of pic: Safety and Health Topics | Ionizing Radiation - Control and Prevention | Occupational Safety and Health Administration


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I don't have any clue how the facebook algorithm works, all i know is when i made a facebook account and i gave my phone number it instantly suggested friends based on the contacts in my phone, lots of my family members and other people i knew popped up straight away before i even uploaded a photo or gave any profile information. I don't use facebook to socialize only to follow pages im interested in. I wasn't comfortable with how it went about linking everybody i knew like that it felt kind of creepy and intrusive.
Yeah, I also skipped the 877 mines in Gunnison county and the 365 in Hinsdale county, too. @Seattle1 told me I was unnecessarily expanding the issue, so I did my best to scale back. Hope I didn't mislead anyone. IMO

Gunnison County, Colorado Mines
Hinsdale County, Colorado Mines

This is very helpful for us "flatlanders" in the Midwest. While I academically know that Colorado has mines, I was unaware of the sheer number of abandoned mines out there. I would think that said locations could be excellent hiding places for a body, provided a person could get the body there in the first place.
You forgot the 227 in Chaffee County.
Chaffee County Colorado Mines
Thank you, branmuffin, for the Chaffee County list of mines.

Do you believe LE and/ or AM have visited the 3 mines near Maysville in their search for SM?

I hope they have already cleared those 3 and are then checking mines near Salida.

I wish I was 40 years younger...footloose and fancy to be physically involved in searching the Chaffee County mines.

Where are you, SM?
I'm posting this at random. Searching abandoned mines is extremely dangerous. Searchers who do this are trained in Cave Mine Rescue. It requires special equipment and at least three sources of light. For those who still chose to explore or search, leave a note detailing exactly what cave or mine you will be at, what entrance point you are going in at and what time you expect to be back. Never, ever go alone. Take food, water, three sources of light and extra batteries and warm clothing. Ceiling and wall collapse (cave in) is an ever present danger as is toxic gas, and in some cases, radiation. The safest way to explore is to used a tethered camera down a vent shaft, a remote vehicle or a drone. Remember, we are all only one poor decision away from being the subject of a WS missing person thread.
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