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A Chaffee County woman is missing after a neighbor said she went out for a bike ride Sunday and never returned
Chaffee County woman missing since Sunday after neighbor said she went out for bike ride

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For some reason this video is not showing for me.
But after listening to it previously, there were several items to ponder.
If someone transcribed it and I missed it -- thanks in advance !

There were two main reasons BM gave in his sit down with the Fox news reporter for his selling the house :
A) Pesky outsiders wandering onto his property. (Note : I thought he had trail cams set up to monitor such activity ? And I doubt any of the bonafide searchers went on his property as they stayed outside the boundaries and were respectful. BM did not need to carry his shotgun, imo.)
B) He mentioned his daughters publicly for the first time, and he claimed they were terrified to go back to the house as he feels Suzanne has been kidnapped and may still be alive.
What has BM told them ?
LE never said anyone had to be on the lookout for an abductor.
BM now controls them as far as them speaking out, and financially as well.
I'm not surprised but I feel for them as their overriding concern is to want their mother back !
And I still fear for them as far as their safety.
BM's timeline is all over the place and he has been unraveling since May 9th or 10th.
What if LE or someone out hiking find Suzanne and BM thinks it's all over ?
They deserve the truth and answers, and they might never really have anything like closure.

I don’t think Suzanne is in a place where someone is ever going to stumble across her remains. I’m convinced that damn bobcat factors in, which means she’s buried.

If that were to happen though, I think law enforcement would make an arrest before BM ever got wind of such a discovery. I think at this moment, the body is the missing piece.

I don’t believe she will be found, or that the lack of a body will ultimately matter, but that does mean that this will take longer.
I can only imagine they're thinking how much they want their mom back. :(
I’m thinking as young as they are, and if they are ‘terrified,’ they might be afraid to be in the spotlight. Or perhaps have been TOLD to stay out of the spotlight. It makes me wonder who all they might be afraid of? What are they thinking when they lay their heads down at night when their Dad says one thing and the media and their uncle says something else? They are innocent young ladies caught in the middle missing their precious Mom.
More contortions on the timeline. And her family didn't know about the guardianship. Wow.

That’s puzzling, the only person who brought this up was AM, IIRC...Soooo, was GM asked about this? AM clearly stated GM refused to sign guardianship papers...

Something very confusing here.

I assume there are two issues here.. The Morphew properties, which BM had no problems gaining guardianship.

Moorman family properties might involve SMs input, that might involve guardianship issues. It’s possible there are legal issues needing to be resolved. Someone who is 87 yo, suffering from cancer would likely be setting affairs in order.

Just not sure why BM needs to have GMs approval for his actions. This could just be AMs misstating, grains of salt...5t
If MG and JP arrived in Broomfield at 11am, as we just heard on NG's podcast, they'd know BM hadn't been there all day because... they would have been there all day, before getting that 6:10pm phone call.
THEIR timelines don’t match to BMs , for sure. I’m surprised NG didn’t pursue this.
My confusion, who was he supposed to be texting at 4am? if MG, then why was she scrambling at 5 am, and why didn’t she leave til 6:45? Only two other workers afawk, what are their recollections? Also it took them from
6:45 til 11am? 4 hrs 15 mins, should we plug that into BMs timeline?
To be sure, retirement has completely eliminated my minute to minute scheduling, if forced to relive some of my past days, I’d have to refer to my WS posts, lol.
I think the evi and paper trails are going to be much more valuable than any of these characters, and that includes BM.
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I think with the many businesses and her non profit, along with properties they own, it was smart for Barry to get the guardianship knowing it takes a long time. If she returned or was found, then no harm, but if months go by and then he decides he needs it, they wait several more months because it takes a while. I think it was smart and it doesn't mean he wasn't looking for his wife while that process was moving forward for the guardianship. Again, if she returned or was found, nothing is lost by him seeking the guardianship.

I think it would be careless if LE didn't investigate all leads. They had a neighbor saying she heard equipment and that was a job site of his. They investigate to eliminate also. If nothing is found, it goes in the eliminate category. They needed to search before the owners continued on building the house.

I disagree with you. What's smart often has little to do with typical, human behavior.

His priorities are clear. Business is super important to him. You may think he's been searching behind the scenes but where are the large search parties he organized? Where are the search centers? Where are the fliers he has created? The countless interviews and please for someone to give us information?

But more than that, more than how this shows his priorities is what it said about whether, early on, he felt it likely she would walk through that door.

I know from personal experience that when a loved one is missing, hope doesn't die, even improbable hope, that quickly. You keep feeling they're going to walk through the door, or you'll get a call that it's all been a terrible mistake, or whatever.

But let's be clear - LE doesn't get a search warrant to excavate a third parties' property, damaging that property in the process, via a fishing expedition to "eliminate" possibilities. They need probable cause. And the probable cause necessary for something like that is arguably greater than what's necessary to search the victim's property.

And as to that, LE didn't search the victim and her husband's property not once, but twice, over a month apart, despite the fact that she supposedly disappeared while on a bike ride. That's more than just elimination, IMO. I could understand one search of a location for that purpose. Not two.
So that body was not Suzanne, nor was it that other missing woman.

Investigators have identified a man who was found dead near an abandoned mine in remote Saguache County last week.

This demonstrates exactly how difficult it is to locate a missing person in the mountains of Colorado. This man was searched for extensively in May 2019 in the
area of the Equity Mine by the Mineral County Search and Rescue team. I have dropped a pin on the Google Earth aerial view, at that location.
His stated intention was to ascend 14,014 ft San Luis Peak, which is in Saguache county, I have dropped a second pin there.
His body was found seventeen months later near the Allara Tunnel mine in Hinsdale county, I have dropped a pin there. In a previous post I mentioned that the Allara mine could be reached by hiking from the south, perhaps "bagging up to three fourteeners" on the way, and drop down to the vicinity of the Allarra Tunnel mine. It sounds like the poor man did just that before getting lost. IMO

Aerial view produced entirely in Google Earth Pro with no external editing.
Mineral County Search and Rescue look for missing personView attachment 267118 View attachment 267118 View attachment 267118 View attachment 267118


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In regards to Barry’s behavior and how strange it is:

It’s not how we would react to a situation like this, rather, it’s how people typically react in a situation like this.

What we see from spouses and significant others when a loved one goes missing.

It’s about human nature, and not “what’s smart,” (lawyering up and alike).

In that regard, Barry’s behavior is off the charts suspicious:

Bashing those who speak out

Refusing to go on camera

Attacking the investigation

Not attending that press conference

Not issuing repeated appeals for his missing wife

Not organizing searches

Calling a massive search a “publicity stunt”

Putting the marital home on the market, and making repeated property transactions
Presumably he was with his Bobcat on Sunday and nowhere near Broomfield or he would've left the Bobcat there.

Then again, he might not have had a job IN Broomfield. We've yet to get confirmation of any such thing.

Hmmmm. Was he back in Salida on Mother's Day, raking a beach with his Bobcat?

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